Sony Xperia L - Memory

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You can save content to your device's internal storage and to a memory card.

Memory card

Your device supports a microSD™ memory card, which is used for storing content. This

type of card can also be used as a portable memory card with other compatible devices.

You may have to purchase a memory card separately.

Safely removing the memory card

You can safely remove the memory card from your phone any time when the phone is

turned off. If you want to remove the memory card when your phone is on, you must first

unmount the memory card before you physically remove it from the phone. This can

prevent damaging the memory card or losing data stored on the memory card.


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To unmount the memory card


From your Home screen, tap .


Find and tap Settings > Storage > Unmount SD card.

Formatting the memory card

You can format the memory card in your device, for example, to free up memory. This

means that you erase all data on the card.

All content on the memory card gets erased when you format it. Make sure you make backups

of everything you want to save before formatting the memory card. To back up your content,

you can copy it to your computer. For more information, refer to the chapter Connecting your

device to a computer on page 96.