Sony Xperia L - Accounts and services

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Accounts and services

Sign in to your online service accounts from your device to get easy access when you're

on the move. For example, you can integrate contacts from your Google™ account into

your phonebook, so you have everything in one place. You can sign up to new online

services from your device as well as from a computer.

Google™ account

Having a Google™ account is key to using a range of applications and services with your

Android™ device. You need a Google™ account, for example, to use the Gmail™

application in your device, to chat with friends using Hangouts™, and to synchronize the

calendar application on your device with your Google Calendar™. You also need a

Google™ account to download applications and games, music, movies, and books from

Google Play™.



Exchange ActiveSync



Synchronize your device with your corporate Microsoft


Exchange ActiveSync



This way, you keep your work email, contacts, and calendar events with you at all times.

Facebook™ account

Facebook™ is a social networking service that connects you with friends, family, and

colleagues around the world. Set up Facebook to work on your device so that you can

stay in touch from anywhere.


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